London is a city built on itself, from Londinium upwards it has risen, and each set back in its history has allowed the Phoenix to rise higher. One such setback was the death of Sir Thomas Brooks, the Prince of London, during the battle of the Great Fire when the Sabbat attempted to gain the city and succeeded.

Fifty bitter years London was held of the filth of the Sabbat under the rule of the Priest of Ludlow, a cruel master to a fair city, and then freedom by the hand of Prince Rupert, he amassed an army to retake the city and it’s lands surrounding. Camrilla from Italy, Germany, France, and the North flooded the city using the commercial routes from Europe to fight under his flag.

And still he reins, all these years until this present day.

His rule is absolute, a shining beacon of the power of the Camrilla to Europe, and the New World, as such it is rare to hear his name in the courts of the world, he is London, both city and man are one.

The city prospers under her masters hand, it has brought many kindred home and sent them out again to inspire. Our newest members are going to learn a lot, whether they survive the melting pot or are cast into stronger figures remains to be seen.

London City's Burning Down